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Transloading Railroad Service​

Transloading is the process of moving material from one form of transportation to another. In the case of Metro Transloading, we offer the service of moving material from rail to truck or vice versa. At Metro, we provide connections with UP and BNSF rail, the heavy equipment needed to load and unload, and storage space for later delivery. If you are interested in cutting transportation costs by utilizing rail, Metro will literally do the heavy lifting to make it happen. Click the button below to contact us and learn more!

A crane lifting a large object over a field, with workers watching nearby.

How Transloading Works

Why Metro Transloading?

The Metro Transloading facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, boasts 10 total acres, 3 rail spurs and limited weather-protected storage space.  Here are a few more reasons to consider using Metro Transloading:

  • Personal relationships – you have direct contact with management personnel
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Capability to process and deliver maximum loads (70,000 lbs +)
  • Open Switching: Able to receive both Union Pacific and BNSF railcars
  • Full fleet of trucks and trailers
  • Load brokering services also available

Transloading Testimonials

Open Switching: We accept shipments from both Union Pacific and BNSF