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Metro Group, Inc. is Utah’s premier Metal Recycling and Transloading* company. The company has existed since the early 1900’s. Originally founded in Logan, Utah, by eastern European immigrants, Metro Group has grown into a multi-million dollar business with six locations throughout Utah and Nevada.

Since the 1920’s the Bond Family has been involved with recycling in Logan, Utah. In 1976, Bill Bond (3rd Generation) expanded the operation by starting the then-named Metro Steel Distributors in Salt Lake City. Originally, the Salt Lake location was primarily a retailer of new steel products, however, Bill and his sons, Mark and Jim, quickly realized a need for steel recycling services in Salt Lake. Shifting focus from distribution to recycling and after a name change embodying that shift, Metro Group, Inc. was born. Being quick to adapt to customer needs was crucial for Metro Group in order to secure a place in the local market as a leader in scrap recycling services. Shortly after implementing the steel recycling service in Salt Lake City, Metro Group began recycling other non-ferrous (non-steel items such as copper, aluminum, brass etc.) metals as well.

Later, the company recognized that the distribution network for local mines was lagging and Metro entered the Transloading business. Since its inception, the Transloading business has grown to also service many local industries outside of mining.

Metro Group CEO | Mark Bond

Our Growth

In 2003, Metro Group acquired two local competitors in order to increase its market share and provide more service to its customers. Our company serves a vastly diverse group of clients from multi-billion dollar manufacturers, to local soccer moms recycling cans. Metro continues to grow by gaining market share through unsurpassed customer service and a commitment to meeting customers’ individual needs. Additionally, Metro has secured national and international partnerships as part of its future growth strategy.

Metro Group, Inc. is operated by 4th and 5th generation family members along with a core team of dedicated employees. In fact, one of Metro’s hallmarks is its commitment to its employees as evidenced by the uncharacteristically long average employee tenure. In 1970 Metro had 10 employees; today the company employs over 150.

Our Brands

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