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How To Get More Money For Your Scrap Metal

Before scrap metal can be melted down to create new products, it must first be separated into its different grades and then “prepared” by removing impurities and cutting it down into smaller sizes. At Metro Recyclers, we will gladly purchase contaminated and unprepared scrap metals; however, we can pay you a premium if the metal has already been prepared and separated by you!

Did you know that you could double the amount you get paid for your copper wire by simply removing the rubber insulation? When scrap metal is contaminated (with plastic, other types of metal, or other contaminants) it is referred to as “Dirty” scrap metal and is less valuable due to the labor costs required to prepare it. However, when scrap metal is free from contaminants, it is referred to as “Clean” scrap metal and has a much higher value. For example, if you brought in a brass faucet with steel screws on it, it would be considered “Dirty Brass” and you would receive less than if you were to remove the screws. Here are a few common ways to “clean” your scrap metals, and upgrade them to receive a premium price:

  • Remove the insulation that envelopes copper wires.
  • Remove the plastic shell and steel housing surrounding aluminum/copper/or brass radiators.
  • Remove wheel weights and valve stems on aluminum rims.
  • Remove screws and other steel items from more valuable metals (you can use a magnet to determine if a metal is steel. Steel will stick to a magnet whereas other metals will not).
  • Cut steel beams to be less than 5 feet in length.

If you have any questions about your scrap metal, feel free to contact us or drop by one of our locations. Our expert metal buyers will answer your questions, grade your material, and ensure you receive a competitive and honest price.